MATHESON:  Provider of gas handling equipment for gas detection, purification, management and control, specialty gases, safe delivery sources, and portable gas solutions.
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MATHESON Select® Equipment & Accessories

MATHESON Select is our own premium brand of welding gases and related equipment offering today's welder the highest quality and reliably consistent performance.

For information on MATHESON Select Shielding Gases, click here. MATHESON Select Shielding Gases are manufactured and mixed to AWS A5.32 and ISO 14.175 standards, and formulated for improved results in specific applications and processes.

The MATHESON Select brand also includes a growing number of welding accessories, equipment, and consumables – the MATHESON Select Brand Name is our assurance that these products will perform to our high standards of quality.

See below for a brief summary of the MATHESON Select product line.

MATHESON Select products are available at any one of our retail locations and through other normal sales/delivery channels. Use our Store Locator to find a MATHESON store near you.

The MATHESON Select product line is expanding all the time. Ask about MATHESON Select the next time you see a MATHESON rep or visit a MATHESON store.

Safety Equipment and Welding Apparel

  • Helmets, including our exclusive Limited Edition Welding Helmet
  • Welding gloves and mechanics gloves
  • Safety goggles and glasses
  • Welding apparel ... jackets, beanies

Filler Material and Electrodes


  • Electrode holders, cable connectors, ground clamps
  • Oxy fuel accessories, flint strikers
  • Connectors, hose, tip cleaner
  • Welding equipment cables, battery cables, jumper cables, extension cords

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Choose MATHESON Select

To learn more about MATHESON Select, visit your local MATHESON store. Finding your store is easy with our Store Locator.

Or, send us a note, and we will contact you.

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Welding Education

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