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Gas Handling Equipment: Gas Delivery Pressure Regulators

MATHESON proudly offers a broad line of gas pressure regulators - including brass regulators, stainless steel regulators, and Monel regulators - in single stage and dual stage regulator designs, and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Whether your requirement is as simple as pressure control of house air for dusting, or as demanding as ultra-high purity gas control in semiconductor or trace analysis applications, MATHESON has the regulator you need and the expertise to help you get the most out of it.
Product Line Overview
Regulator Selection and Performance
Basic Regulator Selection Chart
Specialty Regulator Selection Chart
Single Stage Type
Model 18 Single Stage General Purpose - Brass
Model 3030 & 3040 Single Stage High Purity-High Delivery Pressure – Brass
Model 3060 Single Stage High Purity-High Delivery Pressure - Stainless Steel
Model 3210 Single Stage Corrosion Resistant - Monel
Model 3320 Single Stage Non-Corrosive Lecture Bottle - Brass
Model 3330 Corrosive Service Lecture Bottle - PVC
Model 3396 Single Stage High Purity Absolute Pressure - Brass
Model 3510A Single Stage High-Purity - Stainless Steel
Model 3530A Single Stage High-Purity - Brass
Model 3550 (Brass) & 3570 (Stainless Steel) Single Stage High-Purity Miniature
Model 3610A Single Stage High-Purity with Tied Diaphragm - Stainless Steel
Model 3900 Single Stage Corrosion Resistant - Nickel Plated Brass
Model 4900 Corrosion Single Stage Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy
Dual Stage Type
Model 81 Dual Stage General Purpose - Brass
Model 81-2 Dual Stage General Purpose Low Delivery Pressure - Brass
Model 81F General Purpose with Flowmeter - Brass
Model 1250 Dual Stage - Brass
Model 3120A Dual Stage High-Purity - Brass
Model 3810A Dual Stage High-Purity - Stainless Steel
Model 3850 (Brass) & 3870 (Stainless Steel) Dual Stage High-Purity Miniature
Model 3540 Heated Dual Stage - Brass
Regulators for Portable Cylinders
Model 3345 MicroMATE™ Preset Flow Rate - Brass
Model 3347 MicroMATE™ Variable Flow Rate - Brass
Model RFM-0029 & RFM-0030 MicroMATE™ Low Flow & Pressure - Aluminum
Model 3359 MicroMATE™ Preset Flow Rate - Stainless Steel
Line Regulators
Model 3420A High Purity Line - Brass
Model 3450 High Purity-High Flow Line - Stainless Steel
Model 3470 General Purpose Line - Brass
Model 3491 General Purpose Vacuum Line - Brass
Model 3494 High-Purity Absolute Pressure Line - Stainless Steel
Model 3700 Low Pressure Line - Cast Zinc
Model 3430A High Purity Line - Stainless Steel
Model 3200 Single Stage High Purity, High Flow - Brass, Stainless Steel
Model 3590 Low Dead Volume - Stainless Steel
Model 6342A Back Pressure - Brass
Model DR490 Vacuum Actuated - Aluminum
ULTRA-LINE® Regulators
Model 9001 ULTRA-LINE® Panel with Pigtail
Model 9300 & 9310 ULTRA-LINE® Single Stage Ultra High-Purity
Model 9330 ULTRA-LINE® Ultra High-Purity with Tied Diaphragm - Line
Model 9360 & 9370 ULTRA-LINE® Single Stage Ultra High-Purity with Tied Diaphragm
Model 9460 & 9470 ULTRA-LINE® Dual Stage Ultra High-Purity with Tied Diaphragm
Purge Assemblies
Model 4753 thru 4755 Tee Purge Assemblies
Model 4774 & 4775 Cross Purge Assemblies
Flow Curves
Flow Curves
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