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We publish a large number of items - from descriptive brochures to reference tables. You will find links to many of these items embedded in the contents of the various sections of this website. The Publications Library gathers them all here.


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Industrial and Welding - Brochures and Information

Welding Shielding Gases

  • MATHESON Select® He-25 for GTAW and GMAW on Aluminum  English  Español 
  • MATHESON Select® HC-725 for GMAW on Nickel-based Alloys  English  Español 
  • MATHESON Select® HC-1018 for FCAW on Steel; GMAW on Galvanized Steel  English  Español 
  • MATHESON Select® H-3 for GTAW on Stainless Steel  English  Español 
  • MATHESON Select® APN-10 for GMAW on Aluminum  English  Español 
  • MATHESON Select® C-25 Certified 75/25 Ar/CO2 Mixture  English  Español 
  • Summary of all MATHESON Select® Shielding Gases  English  Español 

Specialty and High Purity Gases and Equipment

Gas Detectors and Monitors





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