MATHESON:  Provider of gas handling equipment for gas detection, purification, management and control, specialty gases, safe delivery sources, and portable gas solutions.
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Medical Gases

MATHESON is a leader in formulating and mixing specialized gas products for use in hospitals and various medical applications. Currently, MATHESON supplies gas products to more than 100 hospitals including everything from "E" cylinders and laser mixes to 11,000-gallon on-site oxygen bulk tanks.

Our complete line of medical gas products includes medical drug gases, medical device gases, Sterilants, as well as a host of other gases for medical uses. MATHESON has also added a cryogenic service and equipment division to meet the specific needs of the medical gas market.

Our state-of-the-art gas manufacturing facilities provide a comprehensive inventory of medical gases with full-service warehouse and delivery capabilities. Included in this inventory are… cryogenic refrigerators, dewars and freezers, and gases needed in the labs that allow us to provide customers with the highest quality and cost efficient medical (pure and mixed) gas products at competitive prices.

MATHESON also designs, builds and installs cryogenic delivery systems offering 24-hour service seven days a week. This service provides our customers with turn key solutions in receiving the product, and also with the installation and maintenance of the system.

If you have medical gas requirements, MATHESON would like the opportunity to become your supplier.

Pure Medical Gases

Carbon Dioxide
Nitrous Oxide
Common Medical Cylinder Dimensions

Medical Gas Mixtures

Aerobic Mixtures
Anaerobic Mixtures
Blood Gas Mixtures
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mixtures
Helium Oxygen Mixtures
Laser Gas Mixtures
Lung Diffusion Mixtures
Oxyfume 12
Oxyfume 2000
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