Nanochem GuardBed for Sulfur Removal


The Nanochem GuardBed Series of Deep De-Sulfurization purifiers specifically targets sulfur removal - to (and beyond) sub PPM levels for many liquids and gases such as natural gas, refinery feed streams, and fuels (gasoline, diesel, jet).


Nanochem® GuardBed Series purifiers can be used for de-sulfurization of:

  • Natural gas
  • Liquid hydrocarbons (natural gas liquids, iC4 / iC5 feedstock)
  • Fuels (diesel, jet fuel, logistic fuel, bioethanol)
  • LPG
  • Olefins
  • Refinery off-gases
  • Biogas
  • Propane
  • Heavy fractions

Typically, sub-ppm performance is achieved; and in many applications, sub-0.1ppm sulfur can be expected routinely.

Compare Nanochem® GuardBedperformance with that of conventional desulfurization materials which is typically limited to H2S removal down to approximately 1-5 ppm.

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Conventional materials also suffer from common processing problems brought about by the presence of moisture, heavy hydrocarbons, aromatics, carbon dioxide, and unconventional sulfur species.

Additional complications with conventional materials include low purification capacity, and difficulties with handling, regeneration or disposal.

Nanochem® GuardBed Series purifiers represent a scalable solution. Configurations are available for the laboratory, pilot plant, or for full-scale production.

Nanochem® GuardBed is a series of purification solutions designed to be “super-polishers” in desulfurization applications ... at a cost that is competitive relative to conventional, lower performance polishing desulfurization solutions.




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Natural Gas: Dimethyl Sulfide Removal: Nanochem® GuardBed has the highest capacity of all competitor materials tested for removal of sulfur components from natural gas.

Temperature: 68°F; Pressure: 3 psig; Challenge: 12.3 ppm dimethyl sulfide (DMS) 9.0 ppmv; tert-butyl mercaptan & 9.0 ppmv tetrahydrothiophene in natural gas; GHSV: 60,000 h-1


NGL Mix – Dimethyl Sulfide Removal: Nanochem® GuardBed provides robust desulfurization for Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) in the presence of aromatics, with twice the adsorption capacity of a competitor material.

Nanochem® GuardBed achieves approximately 1.5% wt. sulfur capacity vs. 0.7% wt. of competitor material at 50 ppm breakthrough.

Temperature: 104°F; Pressure: 150 psig; LHSV: 4 h-1


Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) – Removal Efficiency for Sulfur Species: Nanochem® GuardBed reduces sulfur content of ULSD to less than 1 ppmw and shows significantly better performance at higher temperatures versus other materials.