MATHESON Owned and Operated

70_gas plant ownership agreement

MATHESON Owned. MATHESON Operated. We take care of the gas supply so you can focus on your core business operation.


Our Ownership Agreements put our customers’ business needs first.

matheson gas operations management

Even though a plant or subsystem might be located on and within property owned by the customer, MATHESON's business model is structured so that we are the owner of the plant (along with responsibility for its operation).

This lets MATHESON take care of the gas supply (our business) so you can focus on your business.

Since flexibility might be important to you as a customer, flexibility is therefore also important to MATHESON. Our plant designs are not stamped out cookie-cutter style, and our ownership and operations agreements aren't cookie-cutter either.

Even if you have a need to buy an ASU outright, MATHESON can work with you and our parent company, TNSC, to facilitate the sale, delivery, and project management.

Every situation is different, and MATHESON is positioned to work with the approach that fits the best interests of the customer.




Our Onsite Technologies

MATHESON expertise can work for you in the development of onsite gas production facilities:

  • Cryogenic Air Separation
  • Non-cryogenic Air Separation
  • Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)
  • Autothermal Reforming (ATR)
  • Partial Oxidation (POX)
  • Compressed Dry Air (CDA)
  • Cryogenic Liquid Storage
  • Gas Storage
  • Gas Production Subsystems


See: Engineering - Onsite Gas Production for more information on technologies used for production of H2, CO, Syngas, O2, N2, and Ar.


MATHESON delivers:

  • Feasibility Evaluation
  • Design
  • Construction Services
  • Startup Services
  • Operation (including staffing)
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades