Desulfurization Products

GuardBed High Performance Sulfur Removing Purifiers

Nanochem® GuardBed™ Desulfurization purifiers provide high performance purification that specifically targets sulfur removal … to (and beyond) sub PPM levels!

Sulfur Removal Product Descriptions




GuardBed Purifiers Remove Sulfur from Fuels, Gases, and Other Refinery Products

Nanochem® GuardBed™ Desulfurization purifiers can be used for sulfur removal in a wide range of natural gas and refined product matrices, including:

  • natural gas
  • liquid hydrocarbons (natural gas liquids, iC4 / iC5 feedstock)
  • fuels (diesel, jet fuel, logistic fuel, bioethanol)
  • LPG
  • olefins
  • refinery off-gases
  • biogas
  • propane
  • heavy fractions
  • more


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