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Our History and Events That Shaped It

In 1927 Matheson Gas Products became the first company to offer a reliable source of high quality scientific gases and equipment. From the start, Matheson asserted its leadership by understanding specialty gas applications and providing products specially designed for these applications. Some of Matheson's more notable accomplishments include the development of the lecture bottle, now used by virtually every major college and university in the world, and the supply of ultra pure gases that served as standards for the first gas chromatographs.

1895  First Air Separation Plant, Dr. Otto von Linde 

1910  Nippon Sanso Corporation Founded in Tokyo, Japan 

1927  Matheson Gas Products Founded by Adam Matheson in North Bergen, NJ 

1929  Matheson Developed the First Lecture Bottle 

1929  Matheson Joined the Compressed Gas Association 

1947  Invention of the First Transistor 

1957  Sputnik, the World's First Artificial Satellite, Launched by the Soviet Union 

1960  Invention of First Gas Laser (Helium/Neon) 

1966  Matheson Acquired Grey Chemical, Gloucester, MA 

1969  First Man Walks on the Moon 

1981  Matheson Received the Semmy Award as the World's First Commercial Producer of Silane 

1983  Matheson is Purchased by Nippon Sanso and AmeriGas/UGI 

1987  Tri-Gas Established in Dallas, TX 

1988  Matheson Equipment Technology Center Launched in Montgomeryville, PA 

1989  Matheson is Fully Owned by Nippon Sanso Corporation, Tokyo, Japan 

1990  Matheson Acquired Semi-Gas Systems, San Jose, CA 

1992  Tri-Gas is Purchased by Nippon Sanso Corporation, Tokyo, Japan 

1994  Matheson Acquired BandGap, Longmont, CO (now Advanced Technology Center) 

1997  Matheson Gas Products Korea Plant Opened in Cheonan, Korea 

1999  Matheson Tri-Gas Formed as Matheson Gas Products and Tri-Gas Merge 

2004  Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation Formed as Nippon Sanso Corporation and Taiyo Toyo Sanso Corporation Merge 

2004  Matheson Tri-Gas Purchased Six Air Separation Plants from Air Liquide 

2006  Matheson Tri-Gas Purchased Linweld, Inc., Lincoln, NE 

2006  Matheson Tri-Gas Global Helium Formed 

2006  Matheson Gas Products Korea Opened in Asan, Korea 

2007  Matheson Tri-Gas Acquires Polar Cryogenics 

2008  Matheson Tri-Gas Acquires Five Star Gas & Gear, Cedar Rapids Welding Supply, Aeris, and Advanced Gas Technologies 

2009  Matheson Tri-Gas Acquires Valley National Gases 

2010  Begin use of MATHESON as public brand 

2011  Matheson Acquires Quimby Welding Supplies, Inc.

2012  MATHESON acquires US Airweld, A&F Welding, Whitmer

2013  MATHESON acquires Evergreen Supply

2013  MATHESON acquires Continental Carbonic Products 

2015  MATHESON acquires Sims Welding Supply, Southern California