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Biofuels. While entirely parallel with the requirements of conventionally-sourced fuels, biofuels production may involve development and scaling challenges.


The MATHESON Team can help with Biofuels Production startup, growth planning, and expansion cycles.

Production Scale for biofuels may be smaller; and production scale may be dynamic, as throughput increases.

Biofuels production sites may be moving from production development to commercial production, and scaling challenges may be part of the growing pains.


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Utilize applied combustion knowhow to control gas injection for optimum H2/CO ratio; improve operational stability with varying feeds; and increase energy efficiency

Syngas Treatment

Select and implement processes for removing contaminants such as sulfides, chlorides, NOx, particulates etc. - with advanced approaches in gas purification and molecular separation

Fuel Synthesis

Use field-tested gas application technologies to optimize process productivity for thermochemical, FT synthesis, or microbial fermentation processes


Deploy cost-effective hydrogen supply via high pressure tubes or low cost onsite generation; and focus on improved process efficiency and lower gas consumption


Provide gas focused efficiency improvements in these established industry processes; offer knowhow in catalytic gas processes

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Optimize equipment design and process conditions by analyzing material and energy flows and using computational fluid dynamics tools


Use controlled gas atmosphere knowhow to influence reaction rates in wide-ranging biological processes - from bacterial/ catalytic fermentation to algae growth

Product Separation

Evaluate lower cost and more effective multi-component separation technologies as alternatives to typical high energy distillation for the processing of high purity product


ZEBREX zeolite membrane dehydration technology


Employ efficient protective atmosphere and vapor recovery in reactors and product tanks for lower costs and improved operational safety





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A History with a Future

In 1927, MATHESON became the first company to offer a reliable source of high quality scientific gases and equipment.

Today, MATHESON remains an industry leader by delivering total integrated gas solutions.

Our vast product profile of gases and gas handling equipment can help your laboratories and bench scale operations, pilot plants and full scale production units with efficient and reliable solutions.


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