Energy and Refining Industries Served

40_MATHESON serves refining industries with large scale and small scale gas supply

Refining Industries Served. MATHESON has delivered gas and equipment solutions to a multitude of industries, from agriculture to zoology. The energy industry stands out as one of the most dynamic industry segments.


Gas Production and Delivery Solutions for ANY Industry

The core competencies of the MATHESON Team encompass onsite gas production, over-the-fence pipeline supply, bulk gas delivery, small bulk supply, and cylinder gas supply.

The MATHESON Team is ready to build/modify and manage your gas production requirements on-site, including plant design, construction, management, and maintenance.

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Food and Petrochemical Refining

refinery gases prochure


Chemical Manufacturing

chemical manufacturing


Gas to Liquid (GTL)

gas to liquid


Biofuels Production and Refining

biofuels production

Zebrex membrane dehydration

ZEBREX™ is a cutting-edge zeolite membrane dehydration process in use at over 70 plants all over the world.

Contact MATHESON for information about how to purchase ZEBREX™ for your application.

Visit the Mitsubishi Chemical website for more information on ZEBREX™.





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Industries Served


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